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Our instruments

The Vibratory Universe of Alpes Instrument Inc.

Come and discover our many different instruments by clicking on the corresponding icon or simply scroll down.

1. The Magic Drum

«Tongue drums» are made of steel and we can offer them in different sizes.

The 12 inches Magic Drum is made from recycled propane tanks, while the 14 and 16 inches models are made from steel that has been manufactured and selected specifically for its sound and vibratory qualities.

All the steps of manufacturing are done manually by our craftsmen, who put all their talent in work to conceive your « tongue drums » of a quality recognized by the amateurs.

We have different ranges of scales with distinct universes to discover and create unique atmospheres.

Our Magic Drums are also often custom made for our customers. Indeed, you can create your instrument as you wish, choosing the scale, the color, the design and we will make it for you.

In addition, our latest 16 inches Magic Drums are designed to offer binaural sounds that act directly on the brain through tuning work done on both sides of the instrument. The double vibration thus emitted creates oscillations allowing to stimulate the Alpha or Theta frequencies of the brain.

They are the fruit of our numerous experiments in order to push further the limits of our work on Frequency, Vibration and its interactions with humans.

The School Series, which we have designed for 2021, is the culmination of years of research and development in service of our children creating the World of Tomorrow. We have combined Magic Drums with thoughtful and educational design to provide school staff with learning materials for alphabet and word building, math and science. All accompanied by 3 beautiful and relaxing sounding scales.

2. The Kotamo

What a wonderful instrument!!! Never could we have imagined when we made our first kotamo the well-being and enchantment that it would bring.

A concentrate of beautiful vibrations with its 3 instruments on a single table:

7 strings for the Japanese Koto
16 strings for the monochord on 2 octaves
4 strings for the Indian Tambura

Each Kotamo is made with sacred proportions related to the golden ratio, carved from a piece of solid Red Cedar with a magical message inside.

A gentle and completely intuitive play that will transport you into a state of deep relaxation, opening the mind to wonderful meditations. The Kotamo can also be mounted on our famous therapeutic chair to give you the opportunity to do good around you and spread beautiful vibrations.

Available in D and F#.

3. Native Flutes

Also called Siyotanka, or ”briar horn”, native flutes are the traditional flutes of the Native American people of the Colorado region.

We make our flutes mostly from Red Cedar for the warmth of the sound it provides.

Traditional F# minor tuning for beginners, we also make large meditation flutes in B flat, as well as double flutes and drones.

Called ”love flute” by the Native American people, American scientists have proven the benefits of these flutes, especially on cardiac arrhythmias.

4. Kalimba

Thumb piano from Senegal.

Composed of 10 blades to play, tuned according to different scales.
With a resonance box made of different types of wood.

Possibility to personalize them with an engraving of your choice, ideal for travelling musicians.

5. Cajón

This instrument originated from Peruvian slaves who used their furniture (e.g. fruit crates) to reproduce the sounds of the percussions lost in Africa.

We make our Cajons with the aim of having a deep bass as well as bright clear notes.

We design them in different types of wood to obtain a variety of resonance.

This percussive instrument offers multiple sound combinations to elaborate captivating rhythmic structures.

6. Didgeridoo

Wind instrument originating from Australia, conceived in a piece of Eucalyptus wood dug inside by termites.

The didjeridoos we offer are made by Françis Tanguay, a passionate craftsman from Quebec.

Made of maple or red cedar, sometimes with inlays of semi-precious stones.

Very precise tuning of instruments and ”trumpets”.

Possibility of personalized order.

7. Kora and N'Goni

Originally from Mali, the Kora was the instrument of a woman-genius who lived in the caves of Missirikoro.

The bewitching sounds of the Kora attracted a great warlord who stole the instrument and passed it on from generation to generation.

Traditionally made with a calabash, I made it from Red Cedar wood and designed our Kora in the shape of a drop. The resistant neck is made of Maple.

Composed of 21 strings in Silaba mode in F, our Kora will enchant you with its sounds in the colors of Africa.

An intuitive game, accessible to all, ideal for your relaxation sessions, your storytelling evenings or your jams with percussions.

Manufactured to order with a delay of 1 month which can vary according to the requests.

The Kora is a stringed instrument, so regular retuning is necessary to get the right notes.

8. Tam Drum

Tongue Drum made of Red Cedar wood, known for the warm and clear sounds it produces.

7 tuned playing notes and 1 note where a shaker with grains is fixed for a snare drum atmosphere.

Different scales available.

It can be played with the hands as well as with mallets.

Among the melodic percussion instruments that exist on the market.

An ideal instrument for the musical awakening of children, allowing them to learn the notions of rhythm in the game.

Pinewood body, size 48 cm by 25 cm and 20 cm high

2 rubber mallets included

9. Guitarinette

Small guitar made of solid wood. Inspired from the Dulcimer.

3 strings in open tuning, D-A-D. Easy to play!

10. The Therapeutic Chair

Born from a flash of creation inspired by the Whole, Nicolas Trochu invented the therapeutic chair quickly after the realization of his first Kotamos.

Indeed, the chair amplifies the effects of the Kotamo and provides a unique and extraordinary sensory experience.

The direct contact of the spine with the vibrations diffused by the Kotamo, gives us an experience that acts on different levels: energetic, physical and spiritual…

Used by many people in Europe and Quebec, the therapeutic chair is a wonderful tool for doing good and relieving many ills. The testimonies gathered since the beginning of our work, as well as the numerous experiments carried out, bring us today the certainty of the action of the vibration on the human being. We are still trying to understand some of the incredible mechanisms at work during a session with the therapeutic chair…

It is therefore a fascinating story to follow…