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14 inches double harmonics, customized Magic Drum



Customize your own 14 inches Magic Drum!!

Vibratory musical instrument. Handcrafted steel percussion with intuitive play.

Each scale is the result of numerous experiments and tests, in order to offer you the most beautiful atmospheres.

You can choose between Spatial, Solar, Equinox, Akebono, Bushi and Golden Gate, then choose the color of your instrument between midnight blue, turquoise, purple, red, as well as its drawing handmade by our artists.

You can also choose your tuning in 432 Hz or 440 Hz.

10 notes of play

Includes 2 handmade mallets, with felt covering for a softer, clearer and cleaner sound.

For more infos, feel free to contact us!

Instrument Lifetime Warranty (except paint and decoration)
Made in Canada

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