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21 strings Kora, in red cedar



New KORA redesigned by Alpes Instrument.

Composed of 21 strings in Silaba mode in F, our Kora will bewitch you with its mesmerizing sonorities in the colors of Africa.

Traditionally made with a calabash, we make it in Red Cedar wood and designed it in the shape of a drop.

The resistant neck is made of Maple, with metal pegs or guitar mechanism.

An intuitive game, accessible to all, ideal for your relaxation sessions, your storytelling evenings or your jams with percussions.

Manufactured to order with a delay of 1 month which can vary according to the requests.

This instrument is handcrafted in our workshop.

The Kora is a stringed instrument, so regular re-tuning is necessary to get the right notes.

For any questions, contact us!







Made in Canada
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