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Concert Kotamo in Red Cedar



The Concert Kotamo – 51 strings

The latest Kotamo, offering 51 strings of beautiful vibrations, designed exclusively by Alpes Instrument Inc. to celebrate its 100th Kotamo.


This special edition of the Concert Kotamo offers you:

16 playing strings for the Japanese Koto
30 strings for the 2-octave Monochord, which occupies a full face of the instrument
5 strings for the Indian Tambura


A soft and completely intuitive playing, which will transport you over the minutes of playing into a state of deep relaxation, opening the mind to beautiful meditations.

Tuning in D for a deep and meditative vibration or in F# for more aerial tones…

Made exclusively under custom order, carved in a piece of solid red cedar known for the warm sound it transmits.

Choose the tuning, a decorative engraving,

the design of the center ring and we will make your instrument!


Comes with:

-2 legs to attach to the Kotamo so you can play it on a table or on the floor, adjusting the angle of the instrument in front of you as you wish
-a key to tune the strings


Made in Canada
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