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The ''School Edition'' of 3 educational Magic Drums of 14 inches, 432 Hz



Magic Drums – School Edition

3 musical instruments with an intuitive playability and a pedagogical facet to bring beautiful vibrations into schools.

14 inches Magic Drums in specialized steel, scale in D with 10 playing notes, the Spatial, the Magic Circus and the Equinox, all tuned to A 432 Hz.

Designed to give off beautiful vibrations while learning the alphabet and word building or spelling, numbers and solving various equations, and even the solar system with its major constellations!

Solid, childproof instruments, guaranteed for life (except for the paint, drawing and varnish) and requiring no particular maintenance.

Delivered with 1 pair of mallets per instrument. Our mallets are handmade, with felt covering for a softer, clearer and more refined sound.


Instrument Lifetime Warranty (except paint and decoration)
Made in Canada

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