Martin Mantha

Musician of formation, I always bathed in the universe of music which is a passion for me.

Stage technician for more than 10 years, I participated in several events and crossed the road of many people.  I have also been in charge of stage management and artists in different festivals, theaters and cultural events.

Fascinated by people, interactions, nature, life, I have always been curious to discover the different operating mechanisms in these interactions and the very structure that supports them.

And now, a new wind in my life has changed my path and allowed me to join my good friend of many years Nicolas, in order to help him within Alpes Instrument to make these magnificent instruments and thus share those adventures and discoveries.

There is still so much to do and discover! Only happiness!

Nicolas Trochu

A life of adventures, creations and magic… After having created gardens for more than 15 years, life brought me closer to music and the making of musical instruments 9 years ago now, in the French Alps.

Passionate about the mysteries of the universe and music, I began to create and design new instruments with a therapeutic and instinctive approach. Tesla once said: “if you are looking for the secrets of the universe, look for them in terms of Frequencies, Vibrations, Energies, and Information”. I took his words as a guideline that leads me every day to new creations.

Self-taught and creative, over the years I have expanded my knowledge to create magical instruments that bring well-being and relaxation to all those who use them.